A Guide to DOT Markings on Car Tyres in Malaysia: What You Need to Know

Have you ever noticed a series of letters and numbers on the sidewall of your car tyres? This code is known as the DOT marking and it is required by law to be printed on every tyre sold in Malaysia. In this guide, we will explain what the DOT marking means and how to read and interpret it, as well as why it is important to pay attention to the DOT marking when buying or replacing your tyres in Malaysia.

What is the DOT Marking on a Car Tyre?

The DOT marking is a code that provides important information about the tyre’s manufacturing, performance, and safety standards. It consists of 12 to 13 alphanumeric characters that identify the tyre’s manufacturer, the plant where it was produced, the tyre size and type, and the date of manufacture.

How to Read the DOT Marking on a Car Tyre

The DOT code is usually located on the sidewall of the tyre, near the rim. The first two characters of the DOT code indicate the plant code, which identifies the manufacturing plant where the tyre was made. The next two characters represent the tyre size code, which indicates the tyre’s width, aspect ratio, and diameter.

The next four characters represent the manufacturing week and year. For example, a tyre with the code “2819” was manufactured in the 28th week of 2019. This is important information, as tyres that are more than six years old are considered unsafe and should be replaced.

The final characters of the DOT code represent the tyre type and the specific brand and model of the tyre.

Why the DOT Marking Matters

In Malaysia, it is important to pay attention to the DOT marking on car tyres for several reasons. Firstly, the Malaysian government has strict regulations regarding the safety and quality of tyres sold in the country. The DOT marking provides essential information about the tyre’s compliance with these regulations.

Secondly, the DOT marking can help you choose the right tyres for your vehicle and driving conditions. By understanding how to read and interpret the DOT code, you can select tyres with the appropriate size, load capacity, and performance ratings for your specific vehicle and driving needs.

Finally, the DOT marking can also help you identify counterfeit or substandard tyres. By checking the DOT code on your tyres, you can ensure that you are purchasing genuine and high-quality tyres that meet the necessary safety standards.

Final Say

The DOT marking on car tyres is a crucial code that provides essential information about the safety, performance, and compliance of the tyre with regulations. By understanding how to read and interpret the DOT code, Malaysian drivers can make informed decisions when buying or replacing their tyres, and ensure that their vehicles are safe and suitable for their driving needs.

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